2020 Spring/Summer Class Schedule​

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Basic Wilderness Skills




​​​Tarp Shelter​​s

​Knife & Axe Technique

Basic Bushcraft Skills

Knots & Lashings

Tool / Kit Selection

Water Purification

Intermediate Wilderness Skills


Not offered as of now

​​​​​Firec​raft / Primitive Fire

Shelter: Tarp & Natural

Knife & Axe Technique

Water Gathering & Purification

Crafting & Carving

Knots & Lashings

Tool / Kit Selection

New Class Coming Soon

Advanced Fieldcraft



Not offered as of now

This class is for experienced students only.

You will have very little gear and be expected to perform skills as needed.

In this class you will grow your confidence, and emerge completely self reliant.

During this class we will travel the landscape harvesting materials, foraging wild foods, building shelters and most of all.... connecting to the land on the deeper level.

 Class Gear List:

poncho, US model

poncho liner, US model

wool blanket

14' of 2" wide cotton webbing

50' paracord

fixed blade knife

40 oz. ssteel bottle

shemagh scarf

#10 canvas needle




​Every Sunday

Tinder Collection & Identification

Fire Preparation

What you should have in your fire kit. 3 Ignition / 3 Tinder

How to properly use a ferro rod (fire steel)

Primitive Fire - bow drill/hand drill

Quick Emergency Fire

Bow Drill Fire

From the Land



Dates will be ​posted soon

In this class we will start with a knife and short piece of cordage...that's all.

We will start with harvesting the proper wood to make your spindle & hearth board. Then turning that wood a workable set.

We will then make the bow and bearing block. After the complete set has been made, we will go over technique & form.

Next we will harvest our fire building materials and make our tinder bundle.

Then finally we will bring all these natural materials together to make FIRE!

You will leave with a new skill set & a complete bow drill set.