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2021 Spring/Summer Class Schedule​

Don't see what you'r looking for? Custom classes are available please contact us: [email protected]

Bushcraft Skills Level I

1 Day Class:  9am - 3pm   Date: May 8, 2021 (FULL)  June 5, 2021

An inspirational journey through the fundamental skills of bushcraft, this course provides a broad and solid foundation of practical skill and knowledge upon which you can build and develop. It is an ideal place to begin your journey with RWS and is a challenging and immensely rewarding regardless of previous experience.

Each skill has been hand picked and included in our syllabus based on its value and practicality for wilderness bushcraft camping. Instructors will expertly explain, demonstrate and guide you through a day of intense learning designed to prepare, challenge and inspire in equal measure.

Some of the skills covered in this class:  knife, axe, saw technique & maintanence / tarp shelters / wilderness knots, water purification / proper gear and tool selection / crafting items needed around camp

Bushcraft Skills Level I (1-Day Class)

Bushcraft Skills Level II

2 Day Class: Overnight 9am Sat. - 3pm Sun.   Date: May 15-16 2012 June 12-13, 2021

​​​​​FIRE - We will review fire construction and use of the fire steel from the previous level I class. Then move quickly to the bow drill friction fire method. Which is where we will spend the bulk of this subject.

​​​SHELTER - After discussing basic shelters learned previously, we will dive deep into short & long term shelter, plus using a heat source for each type of shelter.

Water - You will be tested on your ability to source, gather, & purify water. Then we will discuss methods used if you do not have a container of any type.

CRAFTING & CARVING - In this section of the class we will make more elaborate camp items such as long term cook racks, primitive traps, spoons, bowls, & utensils.

KNOTS & LASHINGS - We will review knots learned in Level I, then discuss other uses for these knots.

KNIFE / AXE / SAW -After a safety talk we will get into more advanced techniques.

LAND NAVIGATION - We will cover all basic parts of a map, how a compass works, how to shoot an azimuth (using a compass to travel in a certain direction), and use of pace beads to measure your pace in distance traveled. Last but not least, terrain association (finding your way without a map or compass).

Bushcraft Skills Level II (2-Day Class)

Bow Drill Fire From the Land

1 Day Class: 9am - 3pm  Date: ​May 22, 2021 and June 19, 2021

Claims of the earliest definitive evidence of friction fire by a member of Homo range from 1.7 to 0.2 million years ago!!

It was a turning point in the technological evolution of human beings. Fire provided a source of warmth, protection from predators, a way to create more advanced hunting tools, and a method for cooking food.

We will start with a knife and short piece of cordage...that's all.

Then we will hunt for the proper wood to craft your spindle, hearth board, bow, & bearing block. Then turning that wood a workable set.

We will then make the bow and bearing block. After the complete set has been made, we will go over technique & form.

Next we will harvest our fire building materials and make our tinder bundle.

Then finally we will bring all these natural materials together to make FIRE!

Every student will leave with the knowledge how to conjure the power of fire from just a few sticks & a complete bow drill set. 

Bow Drill Fire From the Land

Bushcraft Survival

Minimum Kit - Maximum Skill

3 Day Class :   Time/Date:  1200 8-6-2021  1600 8-8-2021

Once you have signed up for this class more info will be emailed to you.

Step deeper into the world of bushcraft and begin to live in the forest with minimal reliance on kit using new skills and your own determination to succeed. From the elegance of making friction fire to primitive fishing and spending the night in a shelter made from the materials that surround you, this course will arm you with a wealth of new experience and skills to be used on your adventures.

Class will start by canoeing out to one of the many island on the Connecticut River, where we will spend the weekend.

WARNING: This is a minimal kit class that will test your skills

Only kit allowed:


metal bottle w/cup

fishing kit (provided by RWS)

#36 bank line

shemagh scarf


Bushcraft Survival

Private Classes $200

1 Day Class : 9am - 3pm   Date: ​ Your choosing 

Contact me to set this class up before purchasing

Private Class