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3 Day Class : 9am Friday - 4pm Sunday   Date: Aug  19-21

This class will be held on an island - We will meet at the Sunderland library at 9am sharp!

This class teaches you to how to be a real wilderness survivalist

Allow our Raven Wilderness School instructors to bring you through a real life wilderness survival scenario, where we will take you through the woods and teach you basic beginner level survival all the way up to advanced survival skills like bow drill fire, signal fire, long term shelters, water procurement, fishing and trapping and so much more!

We will cover our take on a 72 hour emergency gear list to keep on you for any adventure.

No matter what kind of adventure you may be on like hunting, hiking, fishing or camping an emergency can occur and that's why it is always best to be prepared.

Let our determination be your confidence through this survival situation.

Survival One