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Woodlore Adventure

1 Day Class : 9am - 4pm   Date:    May 15th

Join us at Raven Wilderness School for our Woodlore class! 

Experience the beauty of nature as you escape the fast pace of every day routines. Slow your mind and body down through the art of carving and creating useful items from materials found in nature. 

Venture out into nature with us to discover the natural beauty and bounty of our New England forests.  On our journey we will identify trees, mushrooms, edible plants, and wildlife. During short lessons through the woods, you will gather materials for individual projects.  An introduction to different type of carving tools and knife skills will be taught.

Re-discover the art of wilderness bushcraft as we guide you through self-paced crafting of your own choice and design.

Leave with a new sense of appreciation for the woods and the solitude it has to offer. Teach your family and friends some of the new trees and plants you can identify. 

Tree, plant, & mushroom identification books will available during class, or feel free to bring your own. Resources for future individual projects will be available. Dress accordingly (wear hiking boots) and bring a lunch.

Woodlore Class